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  • Prep Time
    20 mins
  • Cook Time
    15 mins
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Is it Belgian ? Is it Mediterranean ? not a problem 😉 Plain but tasty Mussels cooked in wine and cream Bouillon.



    Step 1

    In a big pot add your oil, onions and scallions and sweat until translucent.

    Step 2

    Add your sugar. Cook for 2 mins

    Step 3

    Add the Garlic and Herbs, cook for 2 mins more

    Step 4

    Add the wine and make sure to scrape the bottom part of the pot, keep in mind the brown particles on the bottom of your pot are more flavor to your Bouillon. Bring to boil.

    Step 5

    Once the pot is boiling lower the hear again. Add your mussels and cook for 3/4 minutes. cover the pot with a lid to trap the steam.

    Step 6

    Remove from the heat, add the cream and mix well.

    Step 7

    Your Mussels are ready to eat serve with French Fries and dunk hard crusted Bread in the Bouillon


    My passion is Cooking and Traveling. This inspires me to try and cook different and unusual cuisine. Loves to cook for a big group of people ! Been on a KETO Journey since January 2021 ! My goal is to find a way to cook all what we usually eat in a Low Carb way.

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