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KETO Savory Tart

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a recipe with that UMAMI satisfaction ! with a nice crispy base and a delish filing.


KETO Savory Tart


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    768 cals


Step 1

In a bowl mix the Almond flour and the Pumpkin flour. You can use all almond flour or mix with any other nut or seed flour. Do not use coconut flour as it will not work.

Step 2

To the flour mix add the olive oil and half of 1 egg and mix well. Constancy will be as dry pastry.

Step 3

Using a 20cm dish, hand press the pastry on the bottom to shape your tart. Make sure to press and pack the pastry well as this helps the pastry to become one / bind. Once done; prick the pastry with a fork.

Step 4

Bind bake in a pre heated oven; 180°C for 20mins. Once done take out and leave it to cool; approx. 10mins. I suggest to leave the oven on for next baking.

Step 5

Fill your tart base with Caramelized onions, bacon cubes and goat cheese.

Step 6

Whisk the left over eggs and drizzle on top of the tart fillings.

Step 7

Cook for 10-15mins in the heated oven.

Step 8

Once all cooked, take out and serve


My passion is Cooking and Traveling. This inspires me to try and cook different and unusual cuisine. Loves to cook for a big group of people ! Been on a KETO Journey since January 2021 ! My goal is to find a way to cook all what we usually eat in a Low Carb way.

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