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KETO Croquettes

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Missing that full of Carbs Potato Croquette ? No more cravings you can follow my recipe for a KETO version of it ! P.s- Yes; funnily enough they do taste like normal Croquettes !


KETO Croquettes


Step 1

In a bowl mix all the dry ingredients well. Failure to do so the gum can not work as it should be.

Step 2

Start adding the water slowly, different flours absorb different amounts of water.

Step 3

Once the pastry is formed , kneed (with wet hands) until the pastry is smooth.

Step 4

Form the Croquettes to your liking.

Step 5

Heat up the oil and fry until golden brown (you can also bake them or air fry them).

Step 6

Serve with your favourite protein and side sauce and enjoy a completed meal.


My passion is Cooking and Traveling. This inspires me to try and cook different and unusual cuisine. Loves to cook for a big group of people ! Been on a KETO Journey since January 2021 ! My goal is to find a way to cook all what we usually eat in a Low Carb way.

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